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In , The Bair Ranch Foundation offered to sell the 8, acres with the stated desire that the land be incorporated into the surrounding Lewis and Clark National Forest. A neighboring ranch likely would have made an offer on the land, according to Ernie Nunn, a member of the Tenderfoot Trust. However, the Foundation recognized the outstanding recreation, wildlife, and resource values and wanted to ensure that those values and public access into the area be conserved for present and future generations. From through , nine phased land acquisitions were completed as funding was available.

The final piece of land was purchased in April. The 8, acres was not one contiguous parcel, but rather consisted of acre sections and partial sections each surrounded by national forest lands in a checkerboard style. Now the entire area is one contiguous piece of public land with public access.

Remarkably diverse, the Tenderfoot lands span 3, feet in elevation from sub-alpine mountains to grass meadows and riparian areas. The lands provide high-quality water and fisheries.

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After having a great second season, fans were waiting for the third season. The unfortunate news was put out for the fans who were waiting for season 3 of 'Patriot'.


We are not planning a new season. Even though the exact reason is not mentioned or talked about yet, however, according to Deadline, Dorman, who plays the role of Tavner, has joined another cast of an upcoming science fiction series from Apple. Thinking about only tweeting about Patriot from now on until every single one of you starts watching it so that we can make sure a much deserved third season happens.

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As mentioned earlier, the story revolves around U. He found himself without his bag of 11 million euros and not even a little close to the mission of influencing Iran's presidential election.

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The second installment is about John's father ordering more extreme measures in Season 2: the assassination of the pro-nuclear candidate in a heavily guarded Paris compound. The plot was indeed interesting and the way the story was constructed, it was hard to not like this amazing show. The mindblowing series consisted of 18 episodes to show one of the interesting plots of all time.

What Is The Reason Behind The Cancellation Of Season 3 'Patriot'?

Cancelling was super dumb and short sighted. This fucking sucks.

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A couple buglings told me about this show during my annual new season of Bosch Free Month of Amazon Prime. This show was original, funny, sweet, fucked up and amazing. Just sad.

By kritica sinha July 29, Posted July 29,