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David, if you mean some sort of payment plan or other arrangement, then no, not that I am aware of. Many creditors will work with borrowers by coming up with arrangements such as a payment plan, reduced minimum payments, or reduced interest rates, but they are not required to do so. Most debts are legal contracts and lenders are not normally required to modify those contracts to favor borrowers in fact, many contracts have stipulations that protect the lenders, such as late payments, penalties, fees, interest rate hikes, etc.

Most lenders have a list of payment types they accept, such as credit cards, checks, bank drafts, money transfers, etc. PART 6. If presentment is required with respect to an instrument and the obligor is able and ready to pay on the due date at every place of payment stated in the instrument, the obligor is deemed to have made tender of payment on the due date to the person entitled to enforce the instrument.

At p. The money was in a sealed bank bag and could not be seen.

She refused to accept my bag of money. She contacted her supervisor who apparently transferred the matter to Cheri Kiefer, Chief Deputy Treasurer, who also refused to accept my bag of money claiming they did not have the time to count all of my pennies. I asked her why she thought it was all pennies. She did not have a good answer.

However, there were four women standing around doing absolutely nothing. Anyone could have counted the money I tendered in little time. As I understand it since I tendered payment in US legal tender and it was not accepted my tax bill is now canceled. Is that true?

If so which law do I need to be aware of to back this up later. In fact, I would go back and make sure that they take your money, otherwise you may find yourself due for penalties or other problems.

Italian betting shop tender to be extended again? What to do?

I recommend going back and paying your taxes, and insisting they take the money. If they refuse, ask them to show a policy that states they will not accept cash or coins as payment for taxes. If they continue to refuse, then request to speak with a supervisor and also request they give you a written and signed statement on official letterhead stating they refused to accept your payment for taxes. Also request they notarize the signed letter the county tax office should have a notary public available.

The political situation on regulations relating to Italian betting shops is still uncertain

Then, get a lawyer, just in case. Simple, take your iPhone.

USA. Legal Tender, $1, Speelman-White, N81094212A, series 1917, Fine-Very Fine .

Count the cash, put it in the envelope or container, capturing the whole thing on video. Walk up to the counter, and cordially present payment, filming the entire thing. When she refuses, state that you have tendered payment. Having presented your payment, turn and walk away.

And what about the law that says if they refuse payment, you are not obligated to pay anything further? Used car salesman jerks me around from day one, sells me a Chevy he bought from a junkyard and did body work on it. When the vin comes up at DMV as a salvage title in another state he begs forgiveness for getting screwed at a bad auction and gives me an unsafe Buick with faulty door latches their mechanic told me I could fix myself with JB Weld.

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My 4 months pregnant stepdaughter was in the right rear seat with her mom and me when we turned left and the door swung wide open, leaving the seat belt alone to keep her inside the car. I call his legal department to ask how I can avoid the fee and they tell me to submit my payment in legal tender cash or personal check. If he refuses to accept them, I can and will have a judge tear up the contract and throw it in his face. Your email address will not be published. Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not professional financial advice.

Value of 1923 $1 Legal Tender Note

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She was responsive and really took her time in answering our questions and explained everything in a way that we could understand. We feel at ease now that we know our three young children will be cared for financially in the event that something happens to us. We are committed to helping our clients keep their legal affairs in order. If you are looking for a legal partner that offers jargon free, caring advice contact us today.

What is legal tender in Australia? As you would expect, Australian banknotes are legal tender throughout Australia. Similarly, a payment of coins is a legal tender in Australia however, there are restrictions, such as those in the Currency Act , about how much can be paid in coins. The above is of course subject to any agreement between parties — a provider of goods or services is at liberty to set the commercial terms upon which payment will take place before an agreement for the supply of the goods or services is entered into. For example, vending machines may not accept small denomination coins or payment may be agreed to be made in foreign currency such as USD.