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Poetry - The Dignified Soul

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【東方 Original】詩人の霊魂 ~ Soul of a Poet【Yukaribashi】

By Harriet Staff. Originally Published: December 17th, Quick Tags. Read More.

“Poet of the Soul": Poets on Whitman

You want desperately to speak to it but ordinary speech seems inadequate. The only language you can think of to use is poetry which is the true language of the soul. This is what makes muses so extraordinarily desirable, the urge to unite with them so irresistible. The muse is a part of your Self, your own soul you are seeing reflected in the Other. Like a mirage, the image of the muse dissolves as you approach. This is the terrible paradox of the muse: the poet can look, yearn, reach for, worship but never actually possess it.

Because nothing destroys the elusive beauty of a muse faster than the harsh light of day-to-day familiarity. The poet who actually lives with the person who is his muse will soon discover he has a companion, a friend, a lover, but he has lost his radiant source of inspiration. The muse has become a real person and is no longer a shimmering reflection of a soul. The theme of the muse has haunted me for many years.

Expressing that in a song, a poem, or a painting, is what artists do.

Feel free to listen as you read on. Back in the 12th century, the troubadours found a way around this problem; they simply fell in love with someone who was unobtainable.

My heart, My soul, My love

Their muses were married women of high birth, far beyond the reach of a mere jongleur. Because she was always seen from afar, the lady could embody all the goddess-like qualities the troubadour imagined her to have. The troubadours wrote exquisite songs extolling the virtues of their remote muses, begging for their favors, vowing to die if love went unrequited.

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But, of course, they knew the lady never could and never would fulfill their desires. She would remain eternally out of reach. He claims to have first seen her when they were both nine years old and knew immediately that he was destined to love her always.

Beatrice was married off at eighteen to a man chosen for her by her parents; she probably died at about the age of twenty. But Dante preserved an image of her in his mind long after she was gone, an image that inspired him to create one of the greatest poems ever written.

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Soul is one of the nicest, Talented and most eloquent musicians I have ever interviewed. Soul has performed live up and down the country in various events and festivals. He has played live at such venues as The Bedford Corn Exchange, The 02, Portsmouth Guild Hall, Camden Proud and the Stables where he was not just the head line act but also the first Hip hop act to be booked at the venue.

Soul Urban Poet Performed to a near max capacity crowd of mixed ages he impressed with his unique style of hip hop delivered with passion and conviction, marking him out as one of the rising stars of his generation. After the competition was narrowed down to just ten remaining contestants from the hundreds of applicants that applied from the county they reached the grand finals to finish as runners up. Soul has learnt and developed from all of his live performances over the past six years and he now owns the stage and captivates the audience with his lyrics and stage presence.

The single proved to be a success with a large number of copies being sold throughout selected HMV and Online stores, like ITunes and Amazon. The video has had thousands of views on YouTube to date.