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Continue the series. See more. Vol 2. Vol 4. Vol 6. Similar ebooks. Vol To have a happy ending Hawks provides support, but where do his loyalties really lie? Midoriya experiences a cryptic dream about the past—what secrets do the previous wielders of One For All have to show him? Vol 1. Average human teenage boy Tsukune accidentally enrolls at a boarding school for monsters--no, not jocks and popular kids, but bona fide werewolves, witches, and unnameables out of his wildest nightmares! On the plus side, all the girls have a monster crush on him. On the negative side, all the boys are so jealous they want to kill him!

And so do the girls he spurns because he only has eyes for one of them--the far-from-average vampire Moka.

Rosario+Vampire Vol. 1

On the plus side, Moka only has glowing red eyes for Tsukune. She pounced on Tsukune in a hug once again. As she stuffed his face into her bosom, she said it was fine if Moka stayed or left because Tsukune was going to be hers. After a short fight, Moka thanked Kurumu as they headed to class. Some time later, Tsukune began to crave Moka's blood after she fell and scraped her knee. She then believed that he was being a pervert, and the rumor that he finally tried hitting on Moka started to spread. After Yukari told Kurumu about this, she became enraged.

As Moka hurried out of the room, Kurumu pounced onto Tsukune, telling that he should have tried to do that to her and that she would only "pretended" to struggle. After Moka passed out due to blood loss, Kurumu and the others were in her infirmary room while Dr. Mayumi Tsumugi explained to them that she just passed out due to exhaustion.

Some time after, Kurumu and the others were sitting at a table outside. Kurumu noticed that Moka seemed awfully cheerful today. As Yukari pointed out that Tsukune looked terrible, Moka noted that his blood tasted a little off when she had some the other day, suspecting that he was under the weather. After hearing that remark on how his blood tasted, Kurumu calmly asked what she meant by that with a dull smile and her rage boiling.

Understanding that Moka had feasted on Tsukune's blood yet again, she engaged with her in a short fight. After the Graffiti Demon incident, Moka informed the Newspaper club that Tsukune had to join the festival committee. Declaring that is was unfair, Kurumu marched out of the room, heading to see the Headmaster.

Ruby stopped them, and explained to them that there was a Monstrel on the festival committee, and that Tsukune was the bait to lure the Monstrel out. Angered from what Ruby had said, Mizore declared she was going to rescue Tsukune.

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As she began to walk away, Kurumu told her to stop, only wanting to go with her. As Tsukune walked back with Mizuki Ueshiba, Kurumu could've sworn that she heard him yell. She was right, but Mizuki lead Tsukune away before they got to them. After Mizuki attacked Tsukune, Kurumu and Mizore knew that they heard him that time. After noticing a hole with blood by it, they began to suspect the worst. Before they could do anything, Mizuki attacked them both, and attempted to drag them both below the ground and kill them like he tried to do with Tsukune.

As they cried out in disbelief, Tsukune grabbed Mizuki under the ground and gave him a swift uppercut, forcing him back to the surface. As he climbed out, he declared that he would never forgive anyone who attacks his friends.

Rosario + Vampire, Volume 1

As Kurumu and Mizore looked on at him with loving eyes, Tsukune collapses. As they, and the others, carried him back to the infirmary. Before they left, Hokuto Kaneshiro, president of the festival committee arrived and apologized for what happened with Mizuki. As Tsukune and Hokuto vowed to change the school for the better, Kurumu and the others carried him to the infirmary.

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While Tsukune was still working on the festival, Kurumu and the rest of the Newspaper club were working hard on the latest paper. Kurumu then exclaimed that there was more work because Tsukune was working with Hokuto. She then brought up an earlier meeting with Tsukune, and him telling them that Hokuto had called for another meeting and that he couldn't help with the Newspaper club. Upset by this, Kurumu exclaimed that with Tsukune lately, it's "Hokuto this", and "Hokuto that", and that he runs whenever he calls.


Tsukune told her that it wasn't his fault, and that there is so much to do. He then told her that Hokuto works harder than anyone to make this school a better place, and that he didn't want to let him down. Moka brought Kurumu brought her back to reality, and told her not to be so hard on Tsukune and Hokuto, and that Hokuto was a good guy. Upset by this, Kurumu asked her what was so great about him, and that he's got an "evil face".

Finding amusement in this, Yukari decided to annoy Kurumu by asking if she was actually jealous of a guy, and that it was sad. The end result was another fight between her and Yukari. After discovering the truth about Hokuto, Moka told the others about him. Shocked, Kurumu remembered how powerless she was against Kiria. As Tsukune entered the room, they explained the truth to him.

Unwilling to believe it, Tsukune laughed it off saying that Moka must have seen wrong. Shocked and hurt by this, Kurumu asked if he was going to believe Hokuto over his own friends.

He just said he was sorry as he left the room. Kurumu decided to chase after him and beat him with a chair, but was stopped by Yukari. As she tried to break free, she yelled him to come back, and called him a traitor. Soon after, Tsukune found out that the others were right about Hokuto.

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Before Hokuto could deliver the final blow to Tsukune, he was stopped by Mizore. Then, Kurumu appeared, telling him that she made her sick, and that he was the lowest of the low. As she flew down, she announced that she saw through him from the start, and that he had an "evil face" before she attacked him. As Mizore and Yukari took protective stances in front of Tsukune, Kurumu began to tell Tsukune that he shouldn't take everything onto himself, and that together it wouldn't hurt half so bad. While Tsukune was moved by what Kurumu had said, the moment was broken when Hokuto began to laugh, saying that he was hoping to see Tsukune's power for himself.

The others surrounded Hokuto.

Angered by how he has treated Tsukune after all his devotion, Kurumu vowed to make Hokuto feel Tsukune's pain. But before she could strike him, a wounded Ruby stumbled in, saying that Moka has been taken hostage. Tsukune then began to demand Hokuto why he would have done all of this, believing that they were kindred spirits.

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Hokuto began to mock Tsukune, and that he wouldn't be able to comprehend his master plan. Her anger still boiling, Kurumu raised her hand to strike him, demanding that he tell them were Moka was. Hokuto easily caught her attack. As she struggled to break free, Hokuto then compared her to a songbird: sharp, precise attacks, but once caught Realizing that she couldn't escape, she believed this to be her end.