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The litre sac is larger than a normal womb and the fetus had room to be more active than usual.

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Under these conditions Kuwabara says the fetus could have taken in too much oxygen, which can be toxic at high concentrations, or swallowed too much amniotic fluid, leading to severe fluid retention. To reduce the danger, Kuwabara and colleagues fed the fetus sedatives to slow down its activity and swallowing. The other is for clinical use, to rescue very immature or sick fetuses. One condition Kuwabara says may be treatable by artificial gestation is hypoplasia of the lungs, in which the lungs fail to mature.

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The disease kills around babies a year in Japan. Even as a big fan of goat meat, that amazed him. But still, our supply is running far short of our demand.

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Dahnke notes that the U. While there are about 2.

Ian Gray, a Minneapolis chef, found his own workaround to the sourcing issue when he was operating Curious Goat food truck. He focused on an exclusive purveyor relationship with locally prized Singing Hills goat milk dairy to take excess goats usually male kids and turn them into chevre-topped burgers and other items.

In addition to seeking out goat meat at local farmers markets, you can ask for goat meat at neighborhood butcher shops and halal markets.

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If this is your first foray into cooking goat, you may want to start with a younger animal, one that was slaughtered at six to nine months, since that meat is usually milder. The fact that old goats were good eating dispelled two huge myths at once, and I discovered that older animals and goat meat were both great eating.

The case in favor of goat meat is clear.


Maybe someday Zimmern, the goat proponent, will see the rise of menu items like his Cabrito Burger at restaurants all over the county. Goat is a great example of an easy way to change our food system for the better — if we ate it more often. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. The first dogs of North America arrived alongside humans and were not domesticated from North American wolves, but rather, from a Siberian ancestor, a new report says.

These ancient lineages, the first to set tamed paws in North America, have all but vanished - largely after the arrival of Europeans.

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Domestic dogs first appear in the American archaeological record 9, years ago - nearly 6, years after the earliest evidence of human activity. However, the precise timing of their arrival, as well as their associated geographic origins, are not well understood. They found that pre-contact dogs stem from a genetically distinct clade, most closely related to a 9,year-old ancient breed of sled dogs from Eastern Siberia.

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And, ancient American dogs were not domesticated on the North American continent from native species, but rather, were introduced into the region by way of Beringia a few thousand years after the very first settlers arrived - closely supporting archaeological evidence. Today, these dogs and their genetic trace have all but vanished, possibly because European colonists discouraged their sale and breeding, the authors of the related Perspective speculate.