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In addition to the visual finesse, Kunkel taps into pure childhood escapism with a modern fairy tale about a lonely boy and an inherited teddy bear who kicks butt when the need arises. A study in singular art and whimsy, Herobear and the Kid is a comic ready to be devoured by readers of any and every age. The supernatural is woven neatly into ordinary life, with little debate about its details.

His composition beats along page-by-page rather than panel by panel, leading to tremendously beautiful spreads.

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His blue-haired heroine, Hilda, tromps enthusiastically off into the dark, having adventures with trolls, elves, giants and other critters. Before manga pioneer Shigeru Mizuki wrote elaborate autobiographies the Showa series, Onward Toward Our Noble Deaths , the cartoonist spun whimsical, weird tales of Japanese monsters in Kitaro. Japanese yokai, or folkloric monsters, had experienced a resurgence in popularity when Mizuki was a child.

When Morrison and artist Andy Kubert first introduced Damian as an assassin-trained hellion, he seemed far removed from the ancient idea of child characters appealing to children. The plots are fun and quick, but the gorgeous watercolor art of Nguyen makes you want to linger on each page. Mark Peters. The great achievement of summer camp epic, Lumberjanes , is its creation of an almost exclusively distaff universe.

Girly girls, tomboy girls, assertive girls, shy girls, athletic girls, physically ungifted girls, girls who like boys, girls who like girls, old women and middle-aged women who are very much not girls, young women who are in an in-between territory, short girls, tall girls, chill girls, wacko girls and more…all have a place. It passes the Bechdel test like no other comic has, but it would also be easy to read without even noticing the lack of dudes because the book is so dang entertaining.

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Marvel Writer: G. Despite not yet appearing on film or TV, Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan is a verifiable cross-cultural icon—a standard-bearer for the potential of mainstream comics to grow, adapt and reach new audiences while remaining true to their core principles.

Willow Wilson. Marvel when it was first launched, but Wilson, Amanat and a consistently strong stable of artists, including Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazaki, have firmly established Kamala in the Marvel U. Led by creators like Katie Cook, Andy Price, Agnes Garbowska and others, My Little Pony has trotted into the hallowed halls of the best and most accessible all-ages comics.

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Not every child wants a long, complex narrative. I asked the cartoonist how he managed to publish a comic for kids about the Donner Party—a group of California-bound pioneers who engaged in cannibalism during the winter of His response? Disciplined research guarantees each book is lean and effective, festooned in a Looney Tunes -era humor that will keep eyes on the pages until they hit the back cover. Like the previous entries, expect brutally honest events to be depicted with impact and tongue-in-cheek-asides—as delicate a tightrope as can be straddled in kids comics.

Nimona began as a free-to-read webcomic, the story of a young woman who can shapeshift into any animal or combination of animals she can think of. The emotions that provide most of the narrative thrust—the fear of disappointing a friend, the desire to be brave, happiness in simple pleasures—are easily relatable to pre-literate children, and the experience of slowly interpreting panels with a parent is a good opportunity for bonding and discussing simple symbols and other comics devices.

Illustrator Ingrid Vang Nyman, who also did the drawings for the earlier, non-comics versions of the books, supplied brilliantly colored pages full of excitement. Pippi is a weirdly timeless creation, a fantasy of a self-reliant child with no adults to get in the way of her desires, and the comics are just as much fun as the prose versions of the stories.

Writer Jim Ottaviani and artist Maris Wicks created one of the best nonfiction comics, zoological or otherwise, when they collaborated on this awesome book about three woman primatologists.

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Why should able young ladies wait for dudes in bowl cuts to rescue them from dragons and other exotic peril? Writer Jeremy Whitley asks this same question in Princeless , the story of feisty, year-old Princess Adrienne and the best example of medieval feminism since Joan of Arc. After her parents command her to wait in a tower for her future savior, Adrienne breaks loose to pave her own empowered path.

She takes up the cause again spin-off The Pirate Princess , helping a diverse cast of fellow princesses bust out of their boxes for the freedom of the seas. More importantly, the eight issues that comprise this mini-series are affirming. In the chaos of adolescence, the undertow to conform looms large, and this book addresses that tumult through a filter of all-ages medieval fun. Naifeh exercises great body language, contrasting characters who are lithe and athletic against regal and pompous aristocrats.

Also: mastodons and unicorns, because of course barbarian princesses ride unicorns. Jamieson funnels her experience on the derby floor into Roller Girl , a poignant bildungsroman about ego, identity and impossibly sore hamstrings.

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This graphic novel has no doubt inspired many youths to snag a pair of skates, growing character and bruised limbs with each page. Illustrated by Mike Holmes, the comic gives hands-on experience in the story of Stately Academy, where students Hopper and Eni and the anyone following along solve a series of head-scratchers guaranteed to help prepare them for a lifelong interest in STEM fields. Children love maps and diagrams, maybe because those visual representations of information parallel their less verbal ways of making sense of the world.

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The Secret Science Alliance is endlessly rereadable because of the amount of detail it contains. Each page is an opportunity to develop comics literacy early, with a wide variety of devices represented splash pages, different panel sizes and shapes, broken panels, different kinds of lettering. She can hold a book all by herself, without much in the way of acrobatics emotional ones excepted. Years before Melissa Benoist helped make Supergirl a tween-appropriate cultural icon again, Landry Q.

One of the heavier comics for kids, This One Summer is best described as appropriate for YA readers, usually those older than This One Summer is the best kind of YA fiction, honest without being cruel about how hard it is to grow up, particularly when you get caught up in things that are beyond your ability to understand, let alone fix.

Rose and Windy watch as several local teenagers cope with serious drama, the kind that almost-adults have to contend with, and the Tamakis treat a very complicated topic with the kind of respect and kindness that shows their skill as storytellers. Thor has evolved from the one-note Shakespearean thunder-viking of his early days to a more nuanced character in the modern age of comics.

For the first time in decades, we became witness to a Thunder God with less than heavenly human concerns.

A man humbled by his experience walking amongst mere mortals. A man emboldened by his affection for Jane Foster, who was not so much a love interest, but more of a fully-realized character of equal import apologies to Natalie Portman. We witnessed the young god defeated, we witnessed his trials and tribulations, and for the first time—perhaps ever—we identified with him.

Unfortunately, Thor: The Mighty Avenger was cancelled after a meager eight issues. Jakob Free. Baltazar and Franco also created a Superman-centered book in the same spirit, and returned to Tiny Titans for a reunion run. Abigail and Annie are both very strong and enigmatic women in a time when women virtually had no say.

A wonderful conclusion to this engrossing family saga. Mar 10, Pat added it. An interesting take on MEN. This English born young lady starts out a writer and becomes a painter and spends most of her time in France and Italy before returning returning to England. Slow, but worth the read. Aug 14, Clara Weinberger rated it it was amazing.

I enjoy this book.

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It had mystery, drama and intrigue. Help come from unexpended place take place back in Victorian time. AimeeWrites rated it it was ok Jul 29, F M rated it really liked it Sep 20, Stellar Basque rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Toni Wahlstrom rated it liked it Aug 18, Meagan Hamilton rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Angela rated it it was ok Jan 02, Bridgett Patoka rated it really liked it Feb 21, Edward Skudder rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Nancy rated it it was ok Jun 20, Holt rated it liked it May 30, Christie rated it liked it Jul 28, Tali rated it liked it Sep 05, Stephanie Albright rated it liked it Feb 21, Linda rated it liked it Mar 30, Pauline Bridgen rated it did not like it Jan 02, Nancy Tippett rated it really liked it Jan 19, Hermit rated it it was amazing Oct 02, MysticEmerald rated it it was ok Mar 05, Stephanie Tatara rated it did not like it Oct 09, Julie rated it liked it Feb 10, Susan rated it liked it Dec 08, Judith rated it liked it Feb 18, Jaline rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Williams rated it it was ok Sep 25, About Malcolm MacDonald.

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